Jess Kent is a name you need to know before heading into 2016

Born in England to a father well versed in blues rock and a mother of African–Indian descent, Jess Kent was brought up in a world of eclectic music. Moving to Adelaide at the young age of 11, Kent started composing and performing her own pieces. Her love affair with hip-hop evolved through her exploration of genres, and inspired her own lyrical patterns fusing Rap, Hip-Hop and Rock.

jess Kent get down

Eclectic Sydney artist Jess Kent is quickly shooting up from obscurity with her banger Get Down. Perfect for shaking off the shackles of the school year.

Her first single Get Down has spawned multiple triple J Unearthed downloads and plays, well over 3,000 Facebook likes and a music video. To add to her current incremental pile of achievements, Kent recently won triple J Unearthed’s Field Day competition.

Get Down – not to be confused with the completely different but equally wonderful Coles jingle Down Down, Prices are Down – is a musical fusion of reggae and dancehall, the lyrics of which roll off the tongue and make you sing along despite not knowing all the words just yet. Kent writes her music and lyrics in such a way that create a cyclical flow; each word and note runs seamlessly in to the next.

The music video for this perfect summer tune brings a whole new adoration for emojis. Kent keeps things simple but intriguing, allowing you to take in the beats and lyrics without your mind wondering “how long does this video drag on for, m8“. Winky faces have never been such a pop culture icon.

Kent is currently in the process of recruiting a band for her debut live performances of her own tracks, only one of which our sweet ears have been blessed with so far. It was only two years ago that Kent did what a lot of artists inevitably do in order to give themselves a real chance – packed up and moved to Sydney to pursue music full time. Two years of gigs, handing out mixes, busking and day jobs later, it seems she has finally caught herself a break, and given us the perfect track to turn up in the car on a sunny summer Friday afternoon. Get Down cures the high school hangover confirming you’re finally being on holidays, having the whole summer ahead of you and chillin out, maxin all cool.

She has given all y’all the perfect way to start the New Year, by winning herself a set at Sydney’s Field Day Festival at the Domain on January 1. She’ll be rockin’ out alongside names such as Flight Facilities, The Wombats, San Cisco and Disclosure. Nice!