Tony Abbott is the Stoner Sloth

Remember that time Tony Abbott shat his pants on national television when he couldn’t explain his moronic behaviour when he likened a soldier’s death to “shit happens”? Turns out there’s a reason why he couldn’t justify his actions, he was on weed. And as everyone knows, you’re worse on weed.

Stoner Sloth

YouTuber Tassie Pine, a social and political satirist, jumped on the chance to reveal the truth that our former leader is in fact, a Stoner Sloth (not to be confused with Sid the Sloth). It makes so much sense. Introducing Knights and Dames, eating a raw onion on television, calling abortion the “easy way out”, and plenty of other shit; he was blazed the entire time.

Over the weekend the NSW government attempted to teach kids all about how marijuana is bad for you with their new Stoner Sloth campaign. How bad? Well it will turn you into a non-responsive, completely useless excuse for a person who is ill equipped to function in the real world. A fact everyone knows thanks to movies (at the very least) and actual contact with the dry.

The Stoner Sloth campaign was kicked off last week by the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet and NSW Health with a series of videos featuring teenagers in classrooms, at parties and family dinner turned into slow moving sloths due to their weed smoking. Research for the campaign was allegedly done by the National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre. Since the launch, and epic fail of the campaign took hold, Professor Jan Copeland of the NCPIC told the Sydney Morning Herald that they were “not consulted on any of the creative elements of this campaign“.

Even NSW Premier and perennial boy scout Mike Baird has sought to quickly distance himself from the campaign.

If you haven’t seen this backwards ass campaign, here it is in all it’s glory.