‘Groundhog Day’ from Jess Spahr recalls the dizzying monotomy of lockdown

Multi-instrumentalist, writer and vocalist, Jess Spahr has released her first single of 2021, reminding listeners of a more despondent time.

During the heat of the pandemic and its subsequent lockdown, focus and productivity felt out of reach. However, this wasn’t the case for South-Sydney musician, Jess Spahr.

Turning lemons into lemonade, the artist made the most of the time at home, bunkering down and sharpening her songwriting chops. One of the songs written during this time was Groundhog Day, and it’s just been released. Let’s talk about the promising new artist and this provocative track.

Jess Spahr

Spahr’s journey with music began at just six years old. She quickly picked up the violin and piano, delving into various genres, from electro-pop to Irish Jigs. Impressively, she manages to squeeze in a bit of both these genres into Groundhog Day. Spahr’s musical range hasn’t gone unnoticed either, with singles like the pulsing Tensions topping the Triple J Unearthed charts.

Her newest release kicks off with some ambient percussion and a melancholic electric guitar riff. “Isolated in thoughts staring out my window”, Spahr sings somberly, setting the scene for her listeners right away. Booming, rhythmic toms enter during the chorus as Spahr unveils her higher vocal range, revealing a gloomy cathartic realisation: “waking up to groundhog day!”. Spahr’s friend James Ellecamp collaborated on this track, and his epic drum work doesn’t go unnoticed. The powerful chorus evokes the electro-pop tendencies of stars Florence and the Machine and Kate Bush for reference.


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The post-chorus treats us to some of Spahr’s violin quips, which are rich in tone and full of emotion. This is an instrument the artist has been familiar with for a long period of time. “It was awesome working with James on this one. We are pretty goofy when collaborating and recording, but he knew exactly what path I wanted to take with this single, and it turned out awesome”, Spare comments on the track.

If you’d like to catch Jess Spahr live, be sure to swing by Lazybones Marrickville on the 13th of May. But first, listen to Groundhog Day below: