PREMIERE: Jimmy Sweet returns with Baby Baby, a power ballad tour-de-force

With a persona as enigmatic as the likes of Nick Cave or Leonard Cohen, a distinguished John Waters-esque pencil-thin moustache and a penchant for crafting music reminiscent of the American South, it is easy to see why fans of Jimmy Sweet are mesmerised.

The American singer-songwriter’s recordings can be described as emotionally intellectual; his lyrics, transcendingly poetic. His music, seasoned and soulful. Sweet is on his way to joining the list of names that he salutes, the names he pays homage to and the names he aspires to be.

Jimmy Sweet returns with Baby Baby, a tribute to The Vibrators’ 1977 hit that is performed with such intensity and conviction it is hard to discern which song is the real standout.

In Baby Baby, Jimmy Sweet pays homage to the classic glam-punk band The Vibrators with a cover of the biggest hit from their 1977 Pure Mania album. Sweet, however, gives the song new life. It’s more melancholic than the original; with gospel back-ups and a wistful string section, Jimmy Sweet gives Baby Baby a makeover in his signature Southern, whiskey-soaked style.

The accompanying clip is minimal and effective; grey-scaled Sweet impersonators don fraudulent pencil-thin moustaches and matching goatees. They’re all beautiful, they’re all powerful and they all perform with such assurance that Jimmy Sweet could really be any one of them.

Watch the new video clip for Baby Baby above.