PREMIERE: Jimmy Sweet is sure to soothe your soul with his latest track, Rainy Day

We first encountered the enigmatic energy of Californian performer Jimmy Sweet when he dropped the track When I Do Wrong a few months back.

His presence is captivating; donning a John Waters-esque pencil-thin ‘stache and a tailored suit to match, he mesmerises any audience with a demeanour that seems like it’s come straight out of a Wim Wenders film. Jimmy Sweet is back with his third single, the slow-burning ballad Rainy Day.

Los Angeles-based artist Jimmy Sweet has returned with Rainy Day; a slow-burning ballad that’s sure to soothe the soul.

Drawing from a wide range of influences, from Pulp and Nick Cave to the late Leonard Cohen, Sweet delivers wistful and emotionally intellectual lyrics over the dramatic sounds of a string quartet, an array of angelically pitched background singers and a well-seasoned band of musicians in his latest release Rainy Day. 

Jimmy Sweet’s voice is distinctively soulful; soaked in whiskey and mellifluous, it perfectly accompanies the musician’s fervent and delicate lyricism.

In May of 2018, Sweet partnered with Punk Aristocrats, a Los Angeles-based music company that oversees artist management and all their music and media releases. Since their collaboration, Sweet has released a bunch of incredibly expressive singles, furthering his skills and reputation as one of Los Angeles’ leading troubadours.

Check out his latest single Rainy Day via Spotify below:

The moment that Jimmy Sweet reaches the crescendo of any of his hits, he knows he’s got you right in the palm of his hand. It’s almost impossible not to start singing along to every single word.