JK Rowling releases the first few chapters of her new story for free

If there’s any author out there that knows how to create entertaining stories, it’s hard to rule out JK Rowling.

The acclaimed author is departing from the ever-famous Harry Potter universe to release a stand-alone story, and if you’d like, you can get reading straight away.

Photo – Samir Hussein / WireImage/Getty Images

Highest paid author JK Rowling has published the first two chapters of her new book The Ickabog online, which is free to read.

Since this has nothing to do with Harry Potter, here’s a bit of context. Rowling explained that The Ickabog is a fairytale of sorts. She wrote it for her children over a decade ago and it became a bedtime story. Its theme is “about truth and the abuse of power”. The story is recommended for kids aged 7-9, but with a theme like that, I’m sure we could all learn a little something. Dusting The Ickabog draft from her attic, Rowling has returned to a world which her now teenage children are “touchingly enthusiastic” about.

On Tuesday this week, the first two chapters went public, and it’s looking like a spoon-feed release schedule will follow. The Ickabog will be updated with daily instalments, concluding on July 10. It will then receive a printed release later in the year, so I’m afraid if you were craving a hard copy, you’re going to have to wait a little longer. Not only should the book be an engaging yarn, but it’s also going to help combat the pandemic. Rowling has said royalties from sales will go towards aiding those especially affected by coronavirus. To start reading, follow the link below.

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