Joan crafts a summer-ready folk gem on her latest single ‘Looking For You’

On her new single, Joan sings to those caught in the whirlwind of a new romance. Nervous, excited, and free all at once, Looking For You is a summer-ready ode to nostalgia.

We’ve been fans of Joan for quite a while now. From her debut EP up until now, the Cronulla folk songstress knows exactly how to write songs that sparkle and lyrics that speak to our most precious memories. Her latest single is by no means an exception to this rule.

Looking For You is the single that we didn’t know we needed until it spun. Glistening with pop-stylings and bites, it sweeps through in glossy strokes, making for a summer-ready tune to soundtrack the rest of your 2020.


Looking For You burns much brighter than your average folk song. Knowing exactly when to explode her melody into golden choruses and when to tastefully refrain, the single is a masterclass in sonic sensitivity. It’s one of those songs that is always there to comfort you, no matter where you are. Whether you listen to it on a drive to the beach, with your morning coffee, or at sunset, it will be the perfect accompaniment to the moment.

Thematically, Joan sings of a carefree love basked in the summer sun. Looking For You lives in the anticipation of a fresh relationship, where the nerves of getting to know someone are equally outweighed by the thrill of the unknown.

“Produced by Jacob Wilkes (Above, Below), the song talks about finding someone new who is maybe not a ‘forever’, but rather the excitement of a new relationship,” the artist’s bio reads. “The nerves, dates and special intimate moments of getting to know someone. Brought to life in a music video filmed by Alyssa Montgomery and Directed by Amelia Crawford, it’s easy to be engrossed in Joan’s love story.”

Joan has just released a song for the times, lifting our spirits into a familiar, lovesick daze. If you’re lucky enough, you might be able to catch the track live at Marrickville’s Lazybones (October 1st).

Tickets for Joan’s Lazybones show are on sale now. Stay tuned for the Looking for You music video, premiering at 7pm tonight.