Softube launches the Model 72 Synthesizer System

The Model 72 is Softube’s reimagining of vintage analog synthesis, modelling the archetypal hardware down to the component level.

Softube stakes its reputation on being leading designers of software emulations of classic hardware. Their newly released Model 72 Synthesizer System is in keeping with their pedigree — component modelled after a 1972 hardware unit, including all the vintage quirks.

The company has described the Model 72 as an “incredibly authentic sound, with all the warmth and smoothness heard in countless records“. The synthesizer can function in a variety of ways, either as a virtual instrument, effect, or as individual modules.

Softube Model 72 Synthesizer

Softube has component modelled the monophonic synthesizer for their software and can be controlled with either a MIDI controller or built-in keyboard. The expansion panel lets you tweak details of how the oscillators behave as well as some performance aspects of the synth.

Running an external sound source into the software means that you can use the synthesizer as an effect — with distortion, filters and gates all available under the hood. Each of the Model 72 instrument sections can be used individually as modules by using the Softube Modular software. The software is simple to use and using sections of the synthesizer to create a customised modular system is straightforward.

You can read more about the Model 72 on the Softube website.