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Jack White teams up with CopperSound to release the Triplegraph pedal

Resulting from four years of extensive collaboration, Jack White and CopperSound have released the Triplegraph octave pedal.

The US-based pedal company CopperSound has teamed with Jack White on a new octave pedal, the Triplegraph.

The vintage-looking stompbox features three individual footswitches, a DSP Blackfin Processor, and ships in a black regular version or yellow limited edition version.


CopperSound packs a lot of features into the Triplegraph. Through the DSP there is zero-latency when tracking with the digital octave pedal. The footswitches on other side act as an octave up or octave down, each with their own ‘Loctave’ toggle switch. By using the switch you can toggle between momentary or latch modes, the momentary mode meaning the octave is only on while you’re pressing down on the footswitch.

The middle footswitch can be switched between acting as a kill switch (Kill mode) or effects loop (Auxilary mode), which can also work in either momentary or latch modes. While active in Kill mode, turning on either (or both) of the octaves will result in a fully wet octave signal.

CopperSound wants the Triplegraph to last, building it out of custom stainless steel and aluminium components. Jack White and CopperSound have been collaborating on the pedal for over four years, and the process is documented through a 130-page book which ships with the Triplegraph.

It’s also available in a yellow limited edition version, which includes a hand-signed certificate of authenticity from Jack White himself.

Read more about the Triplegraph on the CopperSound website.