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Presonus unveils the ATOM SQ MIDI and DAW controller

Hot on the heels of their Studio One 5 launch, Presonus has announced the ATOM SQ MIDI controller. Featuring a uniquely staggered front panel format, it squeezes a lot of sequencing and performance functionality into its small size.

It promises to be a beat-making powerhouse with deep sequencing capabilities and as you would imagine, it fits snugly within the Studio One ecosystem—the perfect hands-on tool to take advantage of the DAW’s intuitive production capabilities. ATOM SQ presonus

Presonus has just announced the ATOM SQ. A MIDI controller with deep sequencing horsepower, it’s designed to work hand-in-glove with Studio One.

The layout of the pads on the ATOM SQ will be simultaneously familiar to those used to crafting beats on MPC-style drum pads or playing in chords and melodies via a standard keyboard interface. Cleverly, this format also caters for classic 808-style step sequencing.

One of the headline features of Studio One 5 is its intuitive pattern editor. The ATOM SQ augments its capability by giving you hands-on and real-time control of sequences, pattern length, scales and more.

The controller is ideally suited to Ableton Live as well. Editing parameters of devices and instruments, launching clips and scenes are made simple, plus, it ships with a copy of Ableton Live Lite.

For all the details, visit the Presonus website.