Jon English calls out Virgin Airlines over damaged instruments

Aussie rocker Jon English has called out Virgin Australia, after a flight he took on Saturday left his guitar and his band’s keyboard severely damaged.

Damaged Instruments

He took to Facebook to write “Sadly, although I arrived in Sydney in one piece, my guitar did not. This is the second incident in the last three months of Virgin Airlines baggage handlers running over our musical instruments with their baggage trailers at Sydney airport – my guitar, and my keyboard player’s $5000 keyboard.”


Damaged Keyboards

Since posting this, English has updated the situation, explaining that Virgin will be launching an investigation into the incident.

Jon English Facebook

Speaking of the incident, Virgin’s General Manager of Ground Operations Roger Lindeman stated  “I would like to add my most sincere apologies … for the damage done to Jon’s equipment after his arrival into Sydney. Effective today I will personally get involved and ensure we tighten up our procedures and our approach in general to the handling of musical gear. And I will ensure Jon’s latest incident is fully investigated and action taken when we identify where the damage occurred.”