JOSHUA grapples with bad habits on his new single Circles

JOSHUA is a stunning vocalist, with a beautifully refined craft in production and songwriting. His latest single Circles brings a punchy, clean aesthetic to what feels like a myriad of sounds.

Hailing from Mandurah, Western Australia, JOSHUA has spent the past three years refining his art, and melding elements of pop, electronica, and RnB into his sound. Circles feels like the focal point of his years of work, meticulously produced and charged with emotion.

Circles is the signal of someone who’s spent years refining their craft. It’s meticulously produced, charged with emotion, and beautiful to listen to.

Joshua said that Circles is a song about circling back to habits that do us no good. 

“It came at a time when I was struggling with this thing that I just kept going back to, no matter how many times it made me feel worse afterwards, and it was this vicious little cycle that kept going around in my head and in my heart. It got to a point where I said ‘Joshua, what are you doing?'”

From that concept, JOSHUA spent two years working on Circles at his home in Ableton. The song was co-produced with Mark Flanders, and is the amalgamation of the considered work from both parties.  It signals JOSHUA’s long-term commitment to music, and a stunning debut of his art.

Whatever the future holds for JOSHUA, there is definitely a lot to look forward to. Here’s hoping we won’t have to wait long to hear what he delivers next.

Listen to Circles by JOSHUA here: