Step into the immersive, sultry world of Joshual's debut single Devil Gaze

Step into the immersive, sultry world of Joshual’s debut single Devil Gaze

Debut singles can be tough. Many artists take a little while to find their footing, and therefore struggle with their debut release. Lennox Head-based singer-songwriter Joshual, however, is not one of these artists.

With the release of his debut single Devil Gaze, this 19-year-old artist has immediately established his penchant for crafting immersive indie-soul gems.

On his incredibly sultry debut single Devil Gaze, Lennox Head-based singer-songwriter Joshual makes one hell of a first impression.

Throughout the new single, Joshual glides through a woozy concoction of blues, indie-rock, pop, psych, and soul to deliver a sound that is uniquely his own. As his airy sounds swirl around your head, you’ll be left hypnotised by his effortlessly sultry vocals.

With earthy electric guitars and subtle electronic embellishments, Joshual navigates themes of love and lust with a captivating sense of experience. Having fully produced, mixed and mastered the new track himself, Devil Gaze oozes with DIY charm.

Devil Gaze is the first taste of Joshual’s upcoming debut EP, and judging by the quality of what we’ve heard so far, I think we can safely expect plenty more quality material from this young artist.

For now, do yourself a favour and listen to Devil Gaze above.