Kanye is suing a Yeezy summer intern for $500,000

Yeezy are suing an unpaid summer intern for half a million in damages after they were caught posting confidential images on social media.

Kanye West’s company Yeezy are suing an unpaid summer intern for posting confidential images on Instagram.

The intern, Ryan Inwards, will potentially have to pay $500,000 in liquidation damages for sharing the non-public images.

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Image: TheSource

According to Hollywood Reporter, a complaint was filed on Friday to the LA Count Superior Court after Inwards breached a non-disclosure agreement signed as part of his internship.

The agreement prohibits the disclosure or dissemination of confidential information on social media, hanging a $500,000 damages fee if this was to be breached.

In the lawsuit, Yeezy mentioned that Inwards had negligently posted the confidential images and purposely kept them on social media despite several cease and desist letters.

The company is seeking half a million in damages, that all similar posts be banned in the future, and punitive damages for acting maliciously.

They’re definitely not going Yeezy on the kid.