Kanye West has revealed his new “superpower”: autism

In a discussion with a US celebrity gossip outlet, Kanye West claimed that he isn’t bipolar and instead might be “slightly autistic”.

There are few feelings worse than opening up Twitter and seeing “Kanye West” trending. ‘Far out, what’s he done this time?’ you think to yourself.

What has he done this time? Well, the disgraced rapper was approached by US celebrity gossip outlet X17 and claimed that he isn’t bipolar but “may be slightly autistic”.

Kanye West Autism
Photo: Jonathan Brady/PA Wire/ZUMA Press

“I am not bipolar. I am not in some kind of episode, but I may be slightly Autistic,” claimed Ye, “like Rain Man, and that’s part of my superpower!

Ye also claimed that he “can’t accept hate” and asked “have you ever known an autistic person that hates?” presumably trying to argue that his alleged (and undiagnosed) autism makes him incapable of hating?

The self-proclaimed fountain of love then immediately went on a semi-coherent and baseless rant about how “The Jewish people are the middlemen. They sold America to China. They sold the American Media.”

Needless to say, the autistic community hasn’t taken kindly to Ye’s latest comments. And many Twitter users both neurodivergent and neurotypical have taken to the platform to condemn the rapper and raise concerns that the comments may further perpetuate the unjust stigma around autism.

Ye’s recent comments are the latest in a long line of batshit hate speech and nonsense from a man who naively conflates reckless outspokenness and shallow contrarianism with intellectual and artistic superiority.

Earlier this month he made Alex Jones sweat bullets by appearing on the right-wing conspiracy theorist’s show and praising Adolf Hitler, before announcing he was running for president via a Twitter post combing the Star of David with a swastica — a move that promptly got him banned from the social media platform.