Kanye West paid $4.5 million to be neighbours with Kim Kardashian

The 44-year-old rapper has spent $4.5 million USD on his new Hidden Hills property.

According to The Daily Mail, Kanye spent $4.5 million which is just over $6 million AUD and was apparently $421,000 USD over the asking price.

Credit: Mega

That’s a lotta clams to fork over to be close to his ex-wife and kids but it is nothing compared to what the superstar has previously spent on his accommodations.

It was just earlier this year that Kanye spent a cool $79 mill (AUD) on a beachfront property in Malibu. It’s rumoured that he hasn’t even lived in that house just yet. Guess home is where the heart is.

Kanye has made it no secret that he is desperate to reunite with Kim K however, her public rendezvous with Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson, it doesn’t look like that’ll happen any time soon.

The new house is comparable moderate when you consider the insane estate he shared with the reality TV star Kim Kardashian.

For us mere mortals, the house is still lavish as ever.

Built in 1955, the property expands 339 square meters across 1.07 acres of land. It has five bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms.

The house features a large swimming pool and even a stable for the horses. Pinkies up, ladies and gentleman, this humble abode ain’t so humble after all.

Apparently, the interior is in great need of renovations however, the floor to ceiling windows and open stone fireplace sound like they allow for plenty of upscale hoity-toity lifestyle.

The former couple, who have four children together, are currently going through a divorce but they are remaining amicable.

As neither of the pair has commented on the million-dollar purchase thus far, who knows, maybe this is a part of their divorce agreement and they’ll become another modern family.