4 videos to start your loose weekend with

Karate chops, teddy bears and toilet rock, 4 videos you have to see from the week

Whether you’ve spent the last week at BIGSOUND or slaved away at your office, there has been plenty of great tunes doing the rounds. As we all rev up for the weekend what we need is some quality clips to get into the mood with. Here are a few that caught our eye.

4 videos list Tom Iansek

Need some inspiration for your crazy weekend? Or need something to help pick yourself up after BIGSOUND? Here are 4 videos to get you (back) into party mode.

Drunk Mums – Pub On My Own

Not to be mistaken for the pack of boozed cougars that haunts your local RSL club, Melbourne lads Drunk Mums dropped their clip for Pub On My Own this week and it was a cracker. It’s pretty much everything you’d expect from the band done in a grungy, DIY style.

Alison Wonderland – Games

From low-res to high concept we have Alison Wonderland’s Games. Teaming up with frequent collaborator Prad Sen, we see Wonderland mow over NFL players, destroy an old dude in chess and demolish not one, but two black belts. Her deadpan expression throughout ressonates with the song’s themes nicely, and the classic stunt double switch is priceless.

Ecca Vandal – Father Hu$$la

If you had to describe this video in one word then it would be ‘intense’. Ecca Vandal has made a name for herself for her high energy performances and she brings all of that and more to this clip. Props to directors Richard Buxton and Andrew Stalph, it’s only four minutes long yet there is a lot going on within the video that makes it feel longer, the narrative and the performance eerily bleeding into one for a pretty surreal experience.

Big Scary – Organism

If the sight of Tom Iansek shaking his moneymaker doesn’t give your loins a tingling sensation there is something very wrong with you. Nuff said.