PREMIERE: Strap yourself in for the trippy Indro Chaudhuri video from TSUN

What better way to finish the working week and welcome in the weekend than with some psychedelic rock? And there is none better than TSUN’s new video accompaniment to Indro Chaudhuri!

TSUN Indro Chaudhuri

Be seduced by the trance-inducing dance of Indro Chaudhuri. Mystical and primal, the lads from TSUN give us another worthy addition to the psych scene.

There is something about psychedelic rock that seems to have such a hypnotic, tranquil and yet uplifting effect to it. Individuals have the ability to be transported through different realms of their imagination by simply closing their eyes and listening. TSUN definitely deliver all this and more, making them an up and coming key player in the world of psych-rock.

For those of you who do not know or have not heard TSUN before, here is a bit of a background for you. Karl Williams, Joel Sparkes, Jarred Franzen and Juniper Choir came together in 2012 to form the quad, originally known as ‘SUN’. Since then, with a ‘T’ added and many singles later, the group transformed into what we now know today. However, with a recent development since their tour in May, the quad has now become a trio. Juniper is no longer with the band yet it is clear through the release of their latest music video that the boys have no thoughts about slowing down!

Indro Chaudhuri was inspired by the group’s desire to create a track that encompasses the act of self-discovery and one’s exploration into their own reality. The video captures this perfectly. Starting with the image of the protagonist sitting on the front steps of a hut wearing a traditional garment and headpiece, he begins dancing. With a mixture of animalistic, sharp and fluid movements, the protagonist frolics around his environment.

As the song ends, he stops dancing and collapses onto the ground where the video fades out. The initial reaction after the first watch, is that the video is hands down three and a half minutes of mystically unorganised brilliance. The transition between different scenes and the texturing of the video takes on this very 80’s pop styling.

A combined use of ‘white-out’ and shift to scene through the stencil of the last frame are used, which adds a quirky and creative quality to the video. This creates a dynamic texture to the piece that is then complimented with the use of freeze frames. By having a series of quick freeze frames when the song hits its crescendo, provides a texture to the video that keeps your eyes glued to the screen. With all of this combined the viewer is taken through a chaotic and hallucinogenic experience that does not disappoint.

So, now that their tour is over where will you be able to see TSUN live? They will be playing a few shows at the end of October in Melbourne with venues still yet to be announced. One we can happily confirm however, is that they will be playing a set at Kennedys Creek Festival which is held on the 24th-25th October.