Kathryn Rollins – Cut & Paste

If you need to borrow some confidence, hit up Kathryn Rollins. Her new track Cut & Paste is all about growth and assertion. Emulating feline radiance, the young singer-songwriter from Western Australia plunges head-first into her music with no regrets. Rollins has moved beyond the sweet acoustic sound of her 2013 EP Reckless and experimented with something a little rougher, substituting her tambourine for heavy electro beats. Kathryn Rollins

Forward and upwards are the only directions Kathryn Rollins will be heading in. The proof is in the music. Check out her fresh and confident sound in her latest track.

You won’t find any finger-picking or bell-beats in her music now. Instead, her breathy vocals introduce something seductive and smooth. Her music continues to evolve and change shape and colour, brimming with positivity and vividness. Layered with reverb and delay, Rollins provides an upbeat track paired with glittery synth. Her vocals have raspy strokes of colour as she walks over tightropes of pulsing beats and clashing background music.

Sick of writing from the perspective of the victim, she turns her sad soliloquies around and brightens up her sound with female empowerment. Beyonce is a major source of inspiration in shaping her confidence and energising her with a fierce sense of feminine charm.

Rollins also finds inspiration from Ta-ku, unearthing his scratchy beats and shadowy street-scape in her track Cut & Copy. These two influences combine to produce a varied and captivating performer who isn’t afraid to take the wheel and forge her musical path. Her diamond sound and straight-up confidence has gained her respect around the globe and scored her a spot at Big Sound Festival. She’ll be playing Wednesday 10th September at Alhambra Lounge. The more articles I write about Big Sound Festival the more I start to hate living in NSW! If you’re lucky enough to live in Brisbane, you can’t afford to miss it. There’ll be so many amazing acts on the day, including the beautiful Rollins. So don’t wait any longer- buy your tickets here! FIND OUT MORE ON