Kazra’s new EP is a perfect blend of 60s psych and modern ambience

Smooth and sticky like a blissful nectar, Kazra’s self-titled debut EP is a 60s psychedelic journey coated in a layer of modern honey.

Kazra’s delectably seductive self-titled EP transports the listener on a beautiful psychedelic journey. The highs and lows sit perfectly within the context of the EP.

Smooth crooning vocals float wistfully above crunching guitar lines and swirling synths. The project led by Xavier Froger initially sought refuge from the drug-infused haze of modern rock n’ roll. Recorded in Bangkok and completed in Melbourne, the EP titled Kazra features Froger’s ability to create unique and seductive soundscapes that transport the listener into an abyssal vacuum of pleasure.

Opening track Refuge is an ambient wonderland, easing you into the remaining three tracks with a gooey finish that’ll melt your thoughts away.

Floating Jelly Block Utopias is a highlight incorporating elements of both Tame Impala, and Unknown Mortal Orchestra. The vocals are catchy and sultry, working in tandem with the guitars and synth. Furthermore, Froger is pushing the conventions of vintage rock with an intentionally out of time jam section. This adds to psychedelic themes in new ways and pushes the limits of the EP.

Shoot Me Smoothly is a woozy yet punchy track, blending smooth and sexy with just the right amount of ambience. Spaced out synths are whirling in the peripherals adding an extra layer of audio pleasure atop the driving drums.

Solar Juice plunges straight down the rabbit hole of the 1960s. The fuzzed out guitars, crunchy bass and pocket grooves reach a windswept summit as the wah-wah climaxes and the tube amps most probably melt. However, this is by no means a heavy track, or EP for that matter. The entire work maintains an air of smooth production and execution.

Kazra’s debut EP is a well executed piece of modern rock, with strong elements of vintage psychedelia and modern ambient soundscapes. It’s a worthwhile ride and an interesting collection of songs. Listen above.