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Kazra shares four tracks that helped shape his debut EP

Kazra breaks down some of the influences which shaped his debut EP, and elaborates on the appeal and inspiration behind recording the project’s first offering in the psychedelic rock genre.

Kazra’s debut EP was recorded at a time when frontman songwriter Xavier Froger was obsessed with the 1960s; its dream of freedom, peace, and love, and the psychedelic sounds and experiences which came out of the era.

Kaleidoscopic in texture, the psychedelic sound is loose in harmonic and rhythmic form, as well as having really expressive dynamics to emote with. These are some of the dimensions it offers to stretch and play with, and are part of what appealed to Froger in deciding to record in this style. Here is an important selection of the songs which influenced the creative direction of Kazra EP.

Fresh off the release of his debut self-titled EP, Kazra shares a list of four tracks/artists that helped shape his psychedelic, explorative sound.

The Beatles – Dig A Pony

The Beatles were amazing lyricists and melodists. Their message of love and peace is felt strongly in much of their music, transcending music for the purpose of listening, and creating something much more inspiring entirely. Listen to Floating Jelly Block Utopias to hear their influence on Kazra’s EP.

Tame Impala – Half Full Glass Of Wine

This track has so much going on, and it sounds like it was a lot of fun to put together. The looseness in the music gives it a real feeling of layers being piled together to create a whole. This is the kind of approach which inspired Kazra to record in this style. Tame Impala’s influence seeps through the epicentre of Kazra – EP. Shoot Me Smoothly or Floating Jelly Block Utopias off of this EP best showcase this.

Radiohead – Just

The guitars in this track are particularly worthy of mention, and the tendency to veer into dark chord progressions adds to that moody aesthetic Radiohead so beautifully exude. Though this isn’t essentially psychedelic rock, the variety of sections, chord changes and eclectic guitar sounds make for a colourful quality. The closing track of Kazra – EP, Solar Juice, conveys strokes of Radiohead’s early style and mood

Jimi Hendrix – Any performance by Jimi Hendrix

As far as creative freedom is felt, nothing expresses it more than the wild guitar playing of this virtuoso. His attitude towards life and his raw playing style are a huge influence on many young musicians. Listen to Kazra – EP to hear the influence of all the above musicians in a piece of modern and unique psychedelia which will shake your soul.

Kazra’s debut EP is available now. Listen here.


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June 12, 2019