KEEN drop their chaotic new single New Wave Hairdo

Los Angeles-based trio KEEN have been busy lately. The band just dropped their two first singles, Winning and Bitchin‘, and currently they’re making their way around Australia, taking their raucous, surfy sounds to audiences all over the country.

Now, with three dates left on their Aussie tour, the group have dropped their newest single New Wave Hairdo; a punchy three-minute slice of charmingly obnoxious fuzzed-out garage. If you’re not already across this band, now’s definitely the time you changed that.

Photo: Sheva Kafai

With three dates remaining on their current Aussie tour, Los Angeles outfit KEEN have dropped their blistering new single New Wave Hairdo.

Throughout the new single, KEEN belt through a jangly concoction of surf and punk sounds, delivering something distinctly their own. With searing guitar solos, crunching percussion, and flailing vocal hooks, New Wave Hairdo is bursting at the seams with uncontrollable energy.

Within its brief run-time, the track pulls in myriad sonic directions—it never sits in one place for too long. One moment you’ll be dancing to groove-laden bass lines, and the next you’ll be completely immersed in one of the band’s explosive choruses.

By the time the track reaches its conclusion, you’ll be completely on board with KEEN’s unapologetically scuzzed-out sounds.

If you want to catch KEEN live, you can do so at any of their remaining Aussie tour dates:

June 24th – The Bendigo Hotel, Collingwood
June 27th – The Barwon Club, Geelong
June 28th – The Golden Wattle, Adelaide