Kendrick Lamar continues his global domination as every track from ‘DAMN’ hits the Billboard Hot 100

Kendrick Lamar is absolutely killing it this week. His new record, DAMN. just opened up with the highest-selling opening week of 2017 and praise for the album is flooding in from all directions. Now, according to Billboard, every single track on the album has landed on their Hot 100 chart. Holy shit.

Kendrick Lamar billboard

Kendrick Lamar continues his global domination with every track from ‘DAMN’ hitting the Billboard Hot 100 this week.

Landing a few spots behind the suddenly ubiquitous No. 1 hit Humble is DNA at No. 4 on the chart, while his track with Rhianna Loyalty has landed at 14. Element (16), Love (18), Yah (32), XXX (33), Feel (35), Pride (37), Lust (42), Fear (50), Blood (54), God (58) and Duckworth (63) all hit the top 70.

Kendrick’s label boss Top Dawg took to social media to celebrate: “Y’all did it again,” he wrote on Instagram. “Y’all pulled off the double whammy this time.. thank u guys for always supporting and believing in our movement.”

Drake pulled off a similar feat recently, with all 22 tracks off More Life hitting the Hot 100 at the start of April. However, Kendrick smashed Drake’s half-a-million first week total album sales by a whopping 100,000 units.

So, Kendrick, where to next?

[via XXL]