PREMIERE: Keonico’s skilfully curated Be Someone Else will appeal to fans of every genre

Lachlan Stevens, who produces under the moniker Keonico, is a musical people-pleaser. Following the downfall of his previous collaborative project, the four-member DJ group DEFRAxION, Keonico starting making music by himself, for himself.

Three years on, the producer has created for himself a distinct musical identity. Be Someone Else is Keonico’s latest LP, which was released today.

Sydney producer Keonico channels ’90s club, European house and New York rap in his musically diverse LP Be Someone Else.

In Be Someone Else, Keonico has skilfully curated an assorted mixture of genres – industrial European techno, ’90s dance club and American gangsta rap – to make something that can cater to any fan’s tastes.

Keonico has worked tirelessly on the album. The fourteen-track Be Someone Else only took six months from start to finish.

“I started this record back in August 2018 on a trip to the Blue Mountains. It began with the two songs Stay Young and Club Love. I spent hours trying to put these two songs together, and the thing that caught my attention about them was how different they sounded. Stay Young was very chilled / ODESZA inspired, whilst Club Love was quite deep house / Golden Features sounding.”

The end result was something that the young producer couldn’t have predicted. The LP fluctuates in mood, in genre, and in tempo. Stevens varied taste in music, and his affinity for pushing boundaries helped him to craft an album that would appeal to any music fan.

“What followed was a near complete re-imagining of what I thought Keonico could be. I wanted to explore where I could take my music; grow past my “chill electronic” name that I had for some reason attached to myself. Be Someone Else was the result of that.”

Stream Be Someone Else via Spotify below.

Be Someone Else was released independently on February 22, 2019.