Kevin Parker is officially working on new Tame Impala music

In a new interview with Matt Wilkinson on Beats 1, Kevin Parker has confirmed he’s started work on new Tame Impala material, and would be “disappointed” if a new album is not out by this time next year.

It would be the first new material from the band since 2015’s Currents.

Public service announcement: Kevin Parker has begun work on new Tame Impala music, says he’d be “disappointed” if it’s not released by this time next year.

When asked if a new Tame Impala would be released by this time next year, Parker replied: “I would very much hope so, I’d be really disappointed if we didn’t have something out by then.”

I mean, I love playing the songs live,” he continued.

I love playing Currents songs, I love playing Lonerism songs and everything, but I think I’m ready to play some other songs live. All the instinctual things are there.

The band have performed at a series of festivals recently, including Mad Cool in Madrid, Citadel in London, and Pitchfork Festival in Chicago.

However, no new material has been performed, as Parker says he doesn’t “like to play unreleased songs live.

So we may have to wait just a little while longer for new Tame Impala music.

Listen to the full interview here.