Dan Sharp flaunts his incredible songwriting abilities on Lifeline

New Zealand singer-songwriter Dan Sharp has been doing this for a while… and you can tell. His music is brimming with well thought-out ideas and passionate lyricism – something that stems from a lifetime of love for his art.

Diving into any one of his songs will be an endearing experience, though on his most recent single Lifeline, Sharp has refined his sound to deliver something truly special.

Authentic, warm, and deeply infectious; New Zealand singer-songwriter Dan Sharp’s new single Lifeline is a showcase of his endearing, passionate songwriting.

On the track, Sharp melds elements of blues, soul, folk, and funk to craft a unique sound that belongs entirely to himself.

Throughout the song’s punchy three-minute duration, Sharp navigates warm, authentic vocals, earthy guitar tones, and one of the most deeply infectious bass lines we’ve ever come across.

Seriously, this thing will nest itself under your skin and stay there for weeks.

With an impressive EP already under his belt, the new single is the latest in a consistently great string of songs from the artist… and here’s hoping we won’t have to wait long for more.

For now, do yourself a favour and listen to the new track above, and catch Dan Sharp live at MoveSpace in Auckland on July 26th. More info here.