Feel the love with You, the soaring new single from singer-songwriter Devin Luke

You marks the first offering of the year from Brisbane singer-songwriter, Devin Luke. Taking one day to write, one day to record, and around five years to release, it’s easy to sense the labour of love embedded in the track.

You is a swooning and soaring declaration of love. With his uplifting spin on the ubiquitous concept, Devin Luke draws similar chords to indie folk acts such as Father John Misty, Sufjan Stevens, Bon Iver and Fleet Foxes.

Devin Luke
Photo: kurtogram

Set to make your heart swoon and your head swirl, You is a splendid addition to the catalogue of singer-songwriter Devin Luke.

Blending its acoustic core with an electronic texture, the song ebbs and flows with beckoning vocals. The artist is giving it his all, and listeners will be captivated by his soulful style and unmistakeable passion.

On the creation of the track, Devin says, “You is a song I wrote about five years ago. It’s about love, in case that isn’t obvious, and falling into it. I sat on the song for ages. I really liked it but never quite had the opportunity to record and release it.”

For just under three and a  half minutes, You explores the emergence of new love. We can feel the rumblings of this familiar sensation as it falls in alignment with the song’s growing intensity. Poetic lyrics add another layer of honesty to the enchanting rhythm.

“I can’t get out. I can’t get this feeling, this feeling deep inside. Well it needs a name. Oh, it needs a name, this feeling since you came along. Oh, it’s you. You, with your needle and thread.”

With themes of love and hope, You will rattle your bones and tug on your heartstrings. Devin Luke strikes hot with his latest single, setting a brilliant standard for future outputs.


You is out now across major steaming services.