PREMIERE: Ever been in love? Relive that fuzzy feeling with Soft Motion’s new track Electricity

Hear me out. My first kiss was really interesting, to say the least. It was straight out of a scene from a pre-adolescent Australian indie film that barely had enough budget to cover the catering costs.

It was my 16th birthday party, he took me downstairs into my bedroom and we sat awkwardly in silence for a solid three minutes. He finally laid one on me, just when I least expected it, and whispered; “Happy Birthday”. Then he jolted out of the room.

I was sitting in front of a mirror, so I remember looking up and feeling this overwhelming sense of energy that I hadn’t felt before, and it played over and over in my head like a record. Listening to Electricity from Byron Bay local, Soft Motion, brought back this memory for me, and let me tell you why.

soft motion electricity single

Listening to Electricity, the new track from Byron Bay soloist Soft Motion, is like dropping a heart-shaped tab of acid.

Soft Motion (aka Chris) is an up-and-comer from Byron who self-produces and writes his material all in the space of his bedroom. Listening to a song produced solely in one’s private space allows for a sense of intimacy to be summoned that cannot be captured in a traditional studio setting.

Comfortability morphs into confidence, and confidence relays truth.

Listening to Electricity is like dropping a heart-shaped tab of acid, whilst simultaneously having an auxiliary cord from your heart strings attached to a 1979 ex-David Bowie API-Modded console deck (conveniently, what Soft Motion implemented to produce the track).

The track opens with a jolting sample of, well, electricity. You’re soon welcomed with Soft Motion’s smooth vocals, who brings you deeper and deeper into those familiar affections of love and lust. As I mentioned, it instantly brought to my first kiss. It was before the bias of adulthood could plague my ideals of romanticism, and the true innocence of adolescence allowed me to feel that real sense of electricity.

If you’re a fan of Hercules & The Love Affair, you’ll find a comforting similarity within Soft Motion’s vocals as he caresses you softly, and then jolts you with three-thousand volts of pure energy; “You and me, electricity”.

If you’ve ever been in love, I dare you not to feel something while listening to Soft Motion’s newbie. And if it’s been a little too long since you felt that static, let Electricity  be the reminder you deserve.