PREMIERE: Luke Brennan rises from tragedy to deliver stirring single Lovers Leap

If you’re a fan of Mac Demarco or a bit of Paul Kelly, then Luke Brennan is for you. A simple and soothing acoustic track, Lovers Leap is the latest release from the Melbourne-based singer songwriter.

Telling tales of romance in his own city, the glowing river and the glinting lights, he guides us through exploration of passion and excitement.

Luke Brennan

Luke Brennan has faced some huge hurdles this past year, culminating in the single Lovers Leap and a forthcoming solo album.

It’s been a tough year for the artist. Formerly of acclaimed band Big Smoke, Brennan’s direction changed dramatically both musically and personally when his bandmate and friend Adrian Slattery tragically passed away.

After the dismantling of that musical project, Brennan sought refuge in his music. His latest project is one which sees him rising from the ashes of grief and into new beginnings.

The track is long and wildly passionate, at seven minutes total you’re really taken on a journey into the mind and emotions of this complex and riveting songwriter.

Lovers Leap is cinematic and simple at the same time, images of a starry city night arising again and again as you listen. You’re stuck on a wire with the artist as he grapples with the comfort of security, and the thrill of leaning into and then falling in love.

“When lovers leap they risk it all, lest they should fall into the deep. This is my lovers leap, it’s what I do when I give you my heart to keep.”

January saw Brennan performing across Australia and with this album, also titled Lovers Leap, we can surely look forward to more shows in the coming months.

Luke Brennan is an artist who has risen from the darkest of struggles, walking into the light with a new creative energy. Call us anxious to hear the rest of his solo LP.