Listen to Beth Lucas' touching song, Little Faith

The Ghost Inside experienced tragedy in a car accident last year, Brisbane’s Beth Lucas wrote a song in support and all proceeds go to the band

In November last year US hardcore band, The Ghost Inside were involved in a tragic road accident that left members of the band severely injured. The drivers of both vehicles tragically lost their lives. Last Friday night, Crowbar Brisbane held a benefit show to help raise much needed medical funds for the band, which featured Brisbane musician Beth Lucas.


When tragedy strikes, sometimes a miracle is needed. Beth Lucas’ single Little Faith could be just that for hardcore band, The Ghost Inside.

Lucas appeared alongside Young Lions, Driven Fear and I Am Villain and performed a full-band version of her much-loved acoustic rendition of The Ghost Inside fan favourite, White Light.

In 2012 Lucas released an acoustic cover of White Light, an emotional tribute written by vocalist Jonathan Vigil after the sad passing of his brother. The video was shared by many in her local music community, and when it reached The Ghost Inside, they invited Beth to play the song acoustically at their show in California whilst she was holidaying with husband, Elliot Compton. This was to be the first time fans would ever hear White Light live.

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Later in 2014, The Ghost Inside invited Beth to play the song again at their Brisbane show, by which time, crowds were familiar with the acoustic rendition and sang along to what is now Lucas’ most emotional performance to date.

When Lucas heard of the bands’ tragic news, she knew she had to do her part to support the band, and in just a few days she had released her track Little Faith on Bandcamp, announcing that all proceeds would go directly to the band.

“I started writing this song as a way of processing the severity of the situation and as a way of reflecting on how much of an impact they’ve made on our music scene.” Lucas states. “This is just a small way of giving back to a band that has inspired, motivated, encouraged and supported me personally, as well as countless others across the world.”

The band have been posting progress pictures and statements as fans follow their journey to a full recovery. Vigil was left with a fracture to his neck and wound to his back, and had surgery delays after his ankle bone suffered infection. Drummer Andrew Tkaczyk tragically lost his right leg and guitarist Zach Johnson lost two toes as a direct result of injuries sustained. The accident is truly and utterly heartbreaking.

All proceeds from the downloads of Little Faith go directly to The Ghost Inside to help get them back on the road to do what they do best – play great hardcore music for the masses. Be be sure to download the track on Beth Lucas’ Bandcamp to make your direct donation.