PREMIERE: Who is Timothy O’Keefe? You’ll also wanna know after listening to the new Parks Department single

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Parks Department have certainly not been going over old ground the last little while!

They have in fact, been balls deep in a pretty amazing new release, their latest album Fragments. Featuring lilting romantic stunner Timothy O’Keefe, I have no idea who this phantom Tim is, but by god, I want to meet him now.

Filled to bursting point with this wholesome and fulfilling little keys hook, dropping just exactly when you want it to, Timothy O’Keefe is a perfectly balanced stack of dreamscape reverb, bass and bluesy swag.


Sweetness pours in gallons of good vibes when you switch on Parks Department’s Timothy O’Keefe

The Deer Park locals of Parks Department, Mitch Kelly and Jordi Edwards sure do know their way around a good tune, and Timothy O’Keefe showcases their ear for juicy drip drops of sugar sweet sound.

Punctuated with the little licks in the lazy vein of Mac Demarco and Tame Impala, Timothy O’Keefe is a mysterious, yet satisfying treat which sits perfectly alongside its LP-mates to create the 21 track masterpiece that is the boys’ album Fragments.

As lacking in vocals this piece it is, where it lacks in human sound, it makes up for in harmony of electronics and instrumentals. The tunes I absolutely love are the ones that I know I can revisit time and time again, for each listen reveals a brand new layer of tasty sound that I didn’t hear first go around.

Pulling apart a good song is probably not what the boys had in mind when they released it, but it certainly provided me with a bus ride of replay after replay, so that I could be fully satisfied and connected to every little moment. I did not want to the trip to end.

I have, in fact, whacked it on the communal workplace playlist so my colleagues can hear its brilliance, and I have not yet been fired, thus concluding that Timothy O’Keefe is sure fire winner.

If you are after a dreamy, trance like escape, with little threads of bluesy droplets and a big warm sound, then Timothy O’Keefe from Fragments is where it’s at. There’s no doubt that the maturity and ear for listenability the band exudes in their single will carry them to great things in the near future.

Parks Department is hitting the stage in July and bringing the sweet tunes to you and these shows are not to be missed, the FB page is chockers full of details for where you can drop by and get your fill of vibes so be sure to get on board.