PREMIERE: JP Klipspringer puts a whole new spin on some classic films in his heart warming video for Can’t Be

Film and music go hand in hand.

There’s no doubt the amalgamation of a visual medium and a great song can take a creative vision to a whole new level and JP Klipsringer has managed to realise his vision whole-heartedly in his new project. Black and white visions of the past combine with a modernistic, elctro-folk track to create something all together different and totally unique.


Black and white movies have a certain warmth and timelessness to them that JP Klipspringer harnesses to its fullest

The latest video from JP Klipspringer wraps up their golden folk track Can’t Be in a vintage kaleidoscope just smashingly and will leave you thinking it’s pretty darn great. With a hypnotic opening narrative and a mind-bending synth production, the new video is something truly special to behold and is a perfect marriage of music and media.

Layering a comedic and poetic fusion of nostalgic moments, Can’t Be is an homage to the fancy free days gone by, but is also a country soaked jam, sure to get you grooving in the car seat or dancing around your kitchen.

Following the romantic themes of the track, JP Klipspringer’s latest vid is a collage of tender moments from some of the greatest romance films of all time. Featuring film greats like Ingrid Bergman, Cary Grant and a sway of others, the perfect gentile elegance of this era carries the track beautifully.

I honestly haven’t seen many contemporary videos using old film in such a simple way, but it really is such a stunning way to fill the disconnect between the sweet romance of old cinema and the modern relationship dilemma.

JP Klipspringer has overlaid the complexities of contemporary youth with the simplistic and monochromatic elements of vintage film and narrative. Even in its borrowed nature, this latest clip brings to the table something profound, fun and gorgeously rich in drama and intrigue.

Can’t Be is a mellow, smooth addition to an already well received collection of tracks from Melbourne local, Jack Poulson. Having recently released his single, The Beast alongside producer Ben McCarthy (Gordi, Megan Washington), Poulson’s latest work on Can’t Be is the perfect taster before JP Klipspringer drops a full length album in September 2016.

This latest track and its accompanying video undoubtedly lie in a unique pool of indie pop, but are so clearly enthralled in classic folk tenderness and warmth, the track is a sweet oasis; 4 minutes 30 of nostalgic glow.  This video comes highly recommended and you’ll soon understand why. Jump over to the the JP Klipspringer Unearthed page for more goodness… and it’s sure to just keep on comin’.