Apple has managed to patent technology that could disable cameras at concerts

You know the feeling; when you’re watching your favourite band and soaking up those sweet tunes, only to be intercepted by a camera-wielding air hog, forcing you to watch the madness through a lens, at least until you can move to higher ground. Maybe, you’re the one taking pictures and videos at a concert, who then returns home wondering why they haven’t the slightest clue what they just witnessed.


There’s nothing more annoying for an artist or a discerning fan than a concert goer who can’t put down their phone. Apple might just have a solution.

Well, apparently, so do Apple. The technology Gods have bestowed upon the world a possibility that could change the game forever. The proposed technology, which just recently won a patent, is designed to interact with infrared signals that will be transmitted within a venue that could work to disable phone cameras, allowing a concert goer to be set free from their smartphone’s temptress clutches.

Other uses for the technology could extend to art galleries where, for example, attendees would be able to attain more information on a certain piece via a decoded infrared signal. The list of potential uses goes on, but, all we care about is regaining that quintessential concert experience of the good old days.

No more will artists have to deal with a thousand flashing lights, rather, a thousand mesmerised eyes. Let’s hope we see this invention come to pass sometime soon.

First seen at Patently Apple