Happy Mag’s guide to Wide Open Space 2018

Have you been hearing a lot about this festival called Wide Open Space, but don’t really know what the go is? Or do you already have a ticket and not know exactly how you are going to navigate this seriously dope event? Don’t stress, because we have you covered.

If you’re worried about costume, what to eat, who to see and how to get there, check out our quick guide below for all your Wide Open Space needs.

We did a little run down of the artists who are going to be there a few weeks back, so we highly recommend you check that one out too.

Wide Open Space

Wide Open Space is a unique music festival in Central Australia. Committed to taking care of the environment, respecting the Indigenous people of the area and celebrating Australian music, there really isn’t anywhere else you’d want to be.


Running from the May 4-6, Wide Open Space is one of the most special music events on offer at the moment. Costumes are a must and people go to huge lengths to stand out and express themselves while they are on site. Think, feathers, glitter, huge amounts of colour and as many (respectful) headdresses as you can wear.

It’s a place of total acceptance so if you have a flair for getting wild with what you wear, then Wide Opens Space is definitely for you. Don’t forget to pack your swimmers as there are swimming holes and inflatable pools for a cool off when you need one.

How do I get there?

The event is held on the Ross River Resort Site and while it is pretty secluded it’s not a huge mission to get to. All you need to do is fly to Alice Springs, and drive 80km out of the city to the site.

Flights run daily and can go pretty cheap if you’re clever. Just remember not to arrive before midday on the Friday as you won’t be let in before then.


There will be delicious healthy food available with vegan and vegetarian options, fresh coconuts and a ton of local treats. Just remember that you need to take your waste with you and dispose of it responsibly, so be mindful when you’re buying food there.


If you can’t sleep at night then it’s probably not a big deal, take a wander (not too far from your tent) and you can see some of the most spectacular star dsiplays of your life.

The festival also offers a bunch of activities, dance workshops and meditation, so be prepared to throw yourself into more than just the music.


Imbi the Girl is one exciting member of the Wide Open Space lineup, but don’t forget to catch the likes of Pinch from the UK, Haiku Hands, Regurgitator and Skank and Shake as well as a bunch more.

The event is packed with awesome acts and it’s likely you’ll bump into some of your favourite artists, so be prepared to throw yourself into the weekend and really make the most of the music.


Wide Open Space takes place on May 4-6. Grab your tickets here.