Your favourite food emojis come to life thanks to Swiss photographer Matthieu Lavanchy

Founded in 2010 David Lane and Marina Tweed, The Gourmand is a biannual food and culture journal known for it’s style and tongue-in-cheek tone. Their recent take on emojis, of all things, that has caught our attention.

For their tenth issue, the journal has enlisted Swiss photographer Matthieu Lavanchy for a delightful cover feature. Recreating our favourite food emojis in stunning detail, Lavanchy plasters bananas, aubergines and avocados against stark, simple backgrounds.

Mathieu Lavanchy The Gourmand emojis photography eggplant emoji
All images: Mathieu Lavanchy / The Gourmand

Your favourite food emojis are coming to life in this series from Matthieu Lavanchy, a satisfying cover feature for The Gourmand’s tenth issue.

The images are striking in their simplicity, not to mention the accuracy with which they recreate the source emojis. Lavanchy’s attention to detail is ridiculous, there’s definitely some trickery going on behind the scenes.

Makes me want to see the beer mug emoji come to life. Damn, that thing looks frothy.

Check out the series below, and head over here to order your copy.

Via It’s Nice That.