Take a trip around the world with M.I.L.K and 5 tracks that inspired his debut EP

Not long ago we stumbled upon the delish new EP from M.I.L.K, a boppy collection of feel-good tunes named Maybe I Love Kokomo.

It’s a release inspired as much by place as it is by sound, artist Emil Wilk’s recent trip to Paris holding a serious influence over the EP as a whole. Yet that’s hardly where his travels ended. Maybe I Love Kokomo took Wilk from Paris to L.A. to Mexico to Spain, with a hundred pit stops in between.

We asked Wilk to write us a musical travel diary of sorts, and for each city that inspired his EP he has gifted us a song. Take a trip around the world with him below.

m.i.l.k emil wilk maybe I love kokomo

Give yourself the holiday grooves with M.I.L.K, who went around the world and back for his EP Maybe I Love Kokomo.

Benjamin Biolay – Dans la Merco-Benz

City: Paris

I love this song. It talks to my inner Francophile. The deep voice of Benjamin, the textures of the sonics – everything perfectly soundtracks a trip through Paris. This song was also the first I heard from Benjamin Biolay – I instantly became a fan.

Later on we became friends and have collaborated in creating the song Make My Way To Paris, which is my fave song on the EP. It’s inspired by the last two years of my life, where I’ve spent a lot of time in Paris.

Rex Orange County – Loving Is Easy

City: Barcelona

This is my favourite song at the moment. I discovered it when I was in Lisbon with my girlfriend. It was our first holiday for a loooong time and we were laying at the pool and just chilling. No plans. And then this song came on.

I’ve been addicted ever since. It definitely inspired the mood for my EP, but also some choices in the final mix phase.

Poolside – Harvest Moon

City: L.A.

This song was the soundtrack to my L.A. visit last year where I wrote a bunch of the lyrics for the songs on the EP. There’s something about the vibe in L.A. that’s just perfect for creating. Everything is chill, but still has this steady, forward momentum – just like this song.

Kaytranada – Lite Spots

Country: Copenhagen

I wanted my EP to be a bit more for the dance floors than the beach chairs, so to get inspiration I started meeting up regularly with my dancer-friend, Ronni, to just dance and see how different songs activated my buddy in different ways.

In that process, Lite Sports by Kaytranada was definitely a go-to track.

Boris Gardiner Happening – Breezin’

Country: Mexico

I spent a month in Mexico with my friend Jonas Bang, to shoot pictures for a shared visual project, and chill. He showed me this song, which ended up being the song I listened to between sessions for the EP to clear my head.


Maybe I Love Kokomo is out now on Caroline Australia. Listen to it yourself below.