Thousands of Aussie kids are boycotting school as our government ignores climate change

What everybody already knows has officially been confirmed; children are smarter than politicians.

Thousands of school kids from around the country are taking days off school and gathering in protest, demanding our Prime Minister takes action against climate change.

Photo credit: Eddie Jim (via SMH)

Kids prove they’re smarter than the Prime Minister by boycotting school after more news of climate change inaction.

Scott Morrison, in typical fashion, said in response to a question from Greens MP Adam Bandt that there should be “more learning in schools and less activism in schools”, encouraging children to be as close-minded and dim-witted as he is.

“It is as if he expects us to be completely apathetic towards the world and its issues until we reach the age of 18, where we are suddenly supposed to become well-informed voters with our own developed opinions,” 14-year-old Fort Street High School student Jean Hinchliffe said of ScoMo’s comments.

“Mr Morrison says that he does not support our schools being turned into parliaments. Well, maybe if the people in our Parliament listened to the science and took action like those of us in school, we wouldn’t have to resort to strike action like this.” 

Last Thursday, over 1500 students gathered in central Hobart as part of the nationwide protest, exceeding protest organisers’ expectations of only the few hundred who indicated that they were going.

The Victorian Department of Education prove that they are a little more radical than their NSW counterparts, showing their support for student voice and action, and encouraging schools to play a role in students developing constructive ways to share their views. NSW simply said, “students enrolled at school are expected to attend that school whenever instruction is provided”.

We guess not all hope is lost for the future. If all children are as politically motivated as these kids, then perhaps our world will become a better place after all.

Via Sydney Morning Herald.