PREMIERE: Check out The Contour’s raucous self-titled debut album

The Contour have been causing a ruckus and rockin’ around the raucous Perth scene since 2015. Their genesis began when lead vocalist, guitarist and all round music legend Conan Chapman packed up and left Adelaide, following his passion for good music and that full rock band sound.

Continuing their contagious live energy, The Contour have just released their debut self-titled EP and as you can expect, it’s full of all the heavy-rock riffs and the same raw, energetic sound they’ve become notorious for.

Driven by a heavy, classic rock feel, perfectly combined with a few subtle dashes on blues, funk and jazz, The Contour have created a sound that will have you completely hooked from beginning to end.

“Our Music is mainly inspired by the 90’s rock era with the likes of Foo Fighters, early Matchbox 20 and Maroon 5 plus Aussie legends Powderfinger. We try not to give ourselves boundaries in the creative process though.”

“ A cool idea is a cool idea. It’s nice to keep our rock genre flexible in ways. If we wanna add a lick of blues, or hint of jazz, then we just go with it and try the best we can to mould it into our particular sound.”

Previously known as Chapman, The Contours new formation as a four piece, rambunctious rock outfit take on a eclectic approach in their writing. From electrified sultry love ballads, to their own personal experiences with mental illness, the album is utterly magnetic.

This album focuses on world issues but on a more personal level. “Ctrl Alt Delete” for example touches on depression and anxiety amongst men, women and children. The Fight Back deals with bullying in the school yard and April’s First Wish delves into homelessness.

“Of course we threw in a couple of dirty love tracks in there, Loaded Gun and Seventh Avenue, we’re only human (laughs).”

If you’re into classic rock icons like Foo Fighters, Powderfinger, Thirsty Merc and Matchbox 20, then you’re going to absolutely dig the sinewy rock grooves of The Contour.

“We always wanted our first album to connect with the audience emotionally but also hope to inspire folks to let their hair down, rock out and sing along!”

Listen to The Contours full self titled debut EP below!