The Worms drop their utterly hypnotic debut release, Black Eyes/Talk.

Perth has done it before and they’ve done it again folks, The Worms are one of the  freshest bands to hit the raucous WA scene, and it’s safe to say they’ve started it off with a pretty epic bang.

The Worms have just dropped their killer double release Black Eyes/Talk to commemorate their genesis, and these psyched out new singles possess all the sinewy Krautrock goodness you could possibly ask for.

Image: Rohan Bacskai

The Worms debut releases, Black Eyes and Talk, seem to push the boundaries of alternative rock, while simultaneously breathing new life into the cosmically charged Aussie psych rock scene that we all know and love.

The Perth based rockers have created their own unique fusion of untethered 60’s acid rock hooks, with a minimalistic synthesis of rhythmic rock and new wave melodies. Their first ever debut releases Black Eyes and Talk, are both danceable, yet completely hypnotic.

Black Eyes takes on a mesmerising combination of spaced out, ambient guitar tracks, along with a stream of high energy vocal hooks that you can’t help but groove along to. The track represents a cinematic amalgamation of old meets new, in it’s most exciting and magnetising way. 

The young up and comers continue to bring the infectious group energy that always infiltrates their live performances to all of their new releases. Talk presents The Worms signature combination of rich vocal harmonies, that seem to perfectly intertwine with the psyched out riffs that suck you in from beginning to end.

The west coast dwelling up and comers bring something new to the Aussie music scene, while still drawing influence from some of the biggest iconic bands to pave the way including, Twin Peaks, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Oh Sees, White Fence and many more.  It’s safe to say we are excited to see what’s next from them!

Check out their epic debut double release Black Eyes/Talk below!