Twin Peaks- Wild Onion

Twin Peaks have peaked. Yes, you heard us right. They’ve peaked. The Chicago quartet have just released their new EP Wild Onion and they are making smooth, smooth rock pop. They’ve compared their sound to the Beatles, Stones and Beach Boys – it would be remiss to say they didn’t definitely have elements of all of those bands.

Twin Peaks band

Check out some good old rock and roll from the young Chicago quartet, Twin Peaks. Good stuff dudes.

Wild Onion is almost a love note to each of these bands mixed in some original kinks layered over raw production quality making it all that much more authentic. The EP would leave no drunken scrag motionless – in a really, really good way.

Twin Peaks made up of Cadien, Clay, Conner and Jack are only just fresh out a Chicago highschool but they somehow manage to achieve a sound that makes you think they’ve been on the road for yonks. I Found a New Way takes us instantly back Britain in the swinging 60’s (they’re probably gonna have to spend so long convincing people they’re actually American). The track is a smart banger taking us through the elements of sophisticated rock pop. The album just follows along the same motions without ever sound too samey.

Srawberry Smoothie is a cute but oh-so-damn-sexy almost rock ballad that would make Vladimir Putin shake his groove thang. The bass compliments each track so well because of the rawness of the production quality to give you the feeling that you’re actually sitting inside the studio watching them perform. The buzz (what a terrible word but it’s accurate) really and truly is befitting of these boys.

Not many bands out there can take the musical styling’s of their predecessors and completely emulate it without sounding utterly ridiculous. Whether you want an excuse to let out some pent up frustration or just like good rock pop, then these guys will sate your cravings.