Flip Grater – Pigalle

New Zealand is absolutely killing it in the music scene. Usually, as an Aussie music lover I’d be totally reluctant to admit this, but it’s hard to ignore the handful of divas they’ve produced recently including; Lorde, Sia and Kimbra. I wasn’t surprised when I saw that Flip Grater, a folk artist with the shiny locks of Zooey Deschanel, was yet another talented New Zealand beauty.

Flip Grater

Get your tissues ready because you’ll probably be bawling listening to Flip Grater’s latest album.

Everything about Flip Grater is beautifully understated. Her soft, lullaby sound, the warmth of her acoustic guitar and angelic head voice cradle the moon and will rock you like an infant into a peaceful slumber. Emulating the fragility of a modern day Snow White, she sings of junkies and abusers. And she’s an advocate for rebuilding Christchurch after those powerful quakes which hit a few years ago! It’s hard not to imagine little cartoon birds tweeting beside her.

It’s not entirely believable when this folk princess sings; “I have never seen the sun, I’ve only ever had the light on.” Her proposal in Marry Me, is so genuinely beautiful and there’s is so much raw emotion in her voice that it brought me to tears. I’m not too proud to deny it either, and she’s already becoming a huge girl crush of mine along beside Joan Jett and Drew Barrymore.

I listened through her entire album Pigalle and didn’t even realise until silence broadened like a hungry shadow upon the seconds of the final track. The last track To the Devil even features a duo between the feminine, glowing vocals of Flip Grater which is answered by a male vocalist who draws influence from The National.

Pigalle is on band camp for $18, which is a pretty moderate price for an album which will bring you an over-flow of joy, tears and calmness. Buy it today, online, and just pray to god that your computer is prepared for tears, tears everywhere.