Single Premiere: Dirt Farmer – Alibi For The Silent Guy

We introduced y’all (yes, I’m saying y’all now) to Dirt Farmer very, very recently, so their not-so-unique but oh-so-fucking-catchy brand of sunshinin’ indie-pop goodness should be very fresh in your memory. You might even recall that we mentioned an upcoming album called Free BBQ

dirt farmer

Here’s the second (f**king awesome) single from Dirt Farmer’s LP Free BBQ. Hope you’re ready for this one…

We’re lucky enough to be presenting to you the second single off the Free BBQ LP, Alibi For The Silent Guy and all I’m gonna say at the moment is get prepared, because this is one hella sweet single, I’ll tell you hwat. If you like single coil pickups, then this is the song for you – a perfectly mixed reverberated groove and that ‘jankity jank jank’ upstroke rhythm open up the happiest track we’ve premiered on Happy for a long time. Certainly happier than that last Babaganouj single. Here I was thinking they were the happiest band on earth…

Returning to Dirt Farmer though, the song only gets better from these promising first few bars – I thought it was pretty slick when the whirly slipped its way into the mid-sections, and any vocalist that can channel a more round-edged Cold War Kids is gonna get me off, but there’s a surprise instrumental solo that I can safely say I wasn’t expecting. Not gonna give it away here though, listen to Alibi and hear the amazingness for yourself. Let it worm its way into your brain and get you grooving the fuck out.

Free BBQ is available now in a super ultra limited run of vinyl pressings from over here at their bandcamp. In support of the release, while Alibi For The Silent Guy is now available as a free download via Soundcloud – listen below.



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