Sedate your senses with Druid Fluids hypnotic new single, Out of Phase

Adelaide band, Druid Fluids are back with yet another psyched, out ripper of a single, Out of Phase. After emerging with their killer debut release Dr.Miller, the young trio has just announced their first ever Aussie headline tour.

In Out of Phase, the Druids have brewed a complex and intoxicating mixture of jazz, prog, pop and psych. Look to the stars, drink deep from the goblet and relax as the fluids course through your veins…Float in a lava-lamp of sounds and colours.”

Out of Phase will hypnotise and sedate your senses, all the while you explore the kaleidoscope of sounds and colours that are Druid Fluids.

The new track pairs mouth-wateringly good hooks, with all the spaced out goodness of classic psychedelic Aussie rock you could ask for. The new clip rolls out for a liberal 8 minutes and will send you into a realm of complete auditory and visual nirvana.

“A Druid Fluids gig immerses you in kaleidoscopes of sound – familiar and surprising, high contrast and gently shadowed. “

Over the last two years, Druid Fluids have continued to grab and grow audiences with their eclectic and mesmerising blend of Psychedelic rock, prog and pop, creating an all encompassing fusion that will grab you from beginning to end.

“This is the fifth dimension. This is where you meet Zappa, Zeppelin, Sergeant Pepper and Cream as they mingle with Murlocs and Wizards.”

Check out their brand new clip below!