Goodbye Tomorrow is the future of rap

Killer robots and unstoppable rhymes, Goodbye Tomorrow are the new heroes of rap

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Saying goodbye to your future or just in need of some good raps? Here is your remedy, presenting, Goodbye Tomorrow. It seems like that would be the name of a hardcore band and tackle emotionally infused whining over violent guitar riffs. Nope. Goodbye Tomorrow is actually a really inspiring new rap collective.

goodbye tomorrow A Journey Through the Mind of a Non Believer

With their identities shrouded in mystery and amazing flow on  A Journey Through the Mind of a Non Believer, Chicago collective Goodbye Tomorrow may well be the future of rap.

Goodbye Tomorrow represent a new clan of Chicago based rappers / producers. Signing with Rostrum Records, they are working with those who manage and discovered Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller. Now they have just released their album, A Journey Through the Mind of a Non Believer. It stands well as a first effort and holds its own in terms of lyrical flow and sequential chapters across twelve intricate songs, especially considering that they have only been around for under a year.

Their collective and calmly curated sound holds maturity. It must also be noted that their graphic design skills don’t trail behind their music. Interactive computer games, Windows 95 styled film clips, scenes that hold strong narratives to perfectly match their spoken words and character development and a whole site dedicated to this. It would be hard to separate their gift as music makers from their creative cinematography production.

Back to the music, fans of bleaker Childish Gambino and Run the Jewels should tune in for fresh stories. There isn’t a lot about Goodbye Tomorrow revealed yet and that is just the way all good projects begin. For now, no one really knows the identity of the group and this seems to be working well for them. Their songs, Jay Z and 100k have been huge, yet GT say that they don’t want to be pigeonholed to one single or one sound. For a young rap group these two songs should be enough to win their new fans over with patience.

However you stumbled upon Goodbye Tomorrow and hopefully it was because of their film clip, their sound is sure to impress. Their twelve songs sound more mature for a group who have only been collaborating for a year and its obvious that they are working towards a seasoned sound that stands up against the competition.

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