Kirrah Amosa chats her upcoming debut EP ‘Island Way’

If you haven’t already immersed yourself in the slick and soulful pop sounds of Kirrah Amosa, stop what you’re doing and go listen to her now. The Australian/Samoan artist oozes out the kind of music you can lose yourself inside of.

So ahead of the release of her new EP, we caught up with Kirrah to chat all about it, her musical heritage, and the year ahead.

With a new EP set to drop next week, we caught up with Australian/Samoan singer-songwriter Kirrah Amosa to chat all about it.

HAPPY: Hey Kirrah, how are you? Can you catch us up with what you’ve been up to?

KIRRAH: Surprisingly, I’m really great! Surprising because I am currently bouncing around Los Angeles with no real plan, yet doors are opening for me to pathways I wasn’t expecting to be offered for another 6-12 months. At the end of 2019 I decided that this was either the time I find a great job that’ll set me up for life (as if!) or drop everything and let my dreams guide me and, honestly, I haven’t been happier!

HAPPY: How would you describe yourself as an artist?

KIRRAH: I am a people person. Over the last 2 years, I’ve realised I am not bred the way social media/society is moulding our young women – the fake hair, nails, lashes, lips, crazy diets, and even crazier limitations. I am, essentially, still the same person I was in my childhood – crazy, big hair, big attitude, extremely dependant on love and real relationships, always hungry, and always playing music.

HAPPY: Lyrically, where do you draw inspiration from? Is it a labour or a love?

KIRRAH: I refuse to write music unless I vibe with a track or the situation I’m in. Writing a song with a deadline attached won’t even be worth the effort because the result isn’t authentic, and it’ll translate through my words or voice. I’ve tried writing this way and those songs ALWAYS end up in the trash. Sounds grossly cliché but I’ve never been great with words, so music has become my language.

HAPPY: Congratulations on your upcoming debut EP Island Way. Can you give us a little insight into this body of work?

KIRRAH: Thank you, this release is so special to me! I’ve dedicated this EP to my “Islanesian” people (Polynesian, Miconesian and Melanesian and all cultures alike). Being half Samoan, there is so much I am yet to learn about my culture, so I have decided to discover and share as I go, starting with Island Way. The Island Way EP is the exclusive insight to me as a human and the diverse combined elements that have shaped me into the artist I’ve become.

HAPPY: Obviously your Samoan and Polynesian heritage has played a huge role here. What are your earliest memories of music of the isles?

KIRRAH: I can remember listening to my Dad and his brother in rehearsal or on stage from the age of 6. Eventually, I slithered my way between them with a third harmony and was able to share the stage with them from age 7 until today! Although I do believe my confidence to sing out loud came from my Mama – she taught me and my siblings the joy of singing when you feel like it, whether it’s in the car or in the aisles of our local supermarket.

HAPPY: With over 30 songs recorded, how did you choose the ones for Island Way, or were they written with a project in mind?

KIRRAH:The tracks I’ve chosen for the EP are an indication of the kind of performer I am. These tracks are quite versatile in style and genre, but all still ring very true to me. People will always try to put me in a musical box, and I will always be ready to push the sides down.

HAPPY: You’ve supported some incredible acts of the years like Kite String Tangle and Touch Sensitive. Who would be your dream act to support next?

KIRRAH: Definitely Beyoncé, always Beyoncé. I’ve been inspired by her work ethic and look for as long as I can remember. Next is H.E.R – in my eyes, she is the definition of music.

HAPPY: What are some unique things you enjoy about performing live?

KIRRAH: I think I’m a born entertainer… Not in the sense that I’m the life of the party, but I find immense joy in creating an unforgettable experience for people. An experience that can take them out of whatever situations or struggles they are in, and completely succumb to having a good time. Maybe it’s selfish because of the rush it gives me, but I see it as my job to be there for my audience, not the audience there for my performance.

HAPPY: Being a global gypsy yourself, where in particular are you most musically inspired?

KIRRAH: Los Angeles has become my most inspiring location so far but only because of the struggles that came with it. Intense homesickness and debilitating loneliness have transformed into unwavering self-confidence and complete self-love, a state I wouldn’t be in without the darkness that came before it. Ha, sounds depressing but you can either laugh or cry about it and I ain’t got time for tears.

HAPPY: What does 2020 look like for Kirrah Amosa?

KIRRAH: 2020 is going to be huge! My incredible team is currently planning live performances along the US West Coast and East Africa, plus we have 30 international collaboration and solo tracks we are bursting to share. I have proudly joined the Island Block Radio family in Los Angeles and will be the face of the prestigious Dave Stroud Vocal Studio, working alongside the industry’s best composers, singers and performers. I am too blessed and too grateful for all of these projects, and that’ll only take us to May! The rest of the year is an exciting mystery, but I know it’ll be more than I ever imagined!