Want Gear from Iconic Studios, in your DAW, for Free? We've giving away KIT Plugins Blackbird Products. -
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Want Gear from Iconic Studios, in your DAW, for Free? We’ve giving away KIT Plugins Blackbird Products.

KIT Plugins has recreated two pieces of gear from Iconic recording studios, straight to your DAW. We’ve got their Blackbird Products to giveaway.

Newcomers KIT Plugins are all quality over quantity with their faithful recreations of the infamous Motown EQ and a Neve channel strip — modelled directly from the console in the world-famous Blackbird studios in Nashville.

Based in the same building as Blackbird Studios, they have just a handful of plugins from compressors to EQs to channel strips and the BB Mo-Q is one of their specialities as it’s a recreation of the EQ used in the Motown studio in the 60s. Putting them on the map was their BB N105 Channel Strip — an emulation from Blackbird studio’s one-of-a-kind Neve 8078.

If you want to add some class and character to your music read on to see how you can win both of these Blackbird Products.

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The BB Mo-Q is “7 bands of motor city magic” giving you the sound of Motown where classic hits from artists like Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, The Supremes, The Temptations and many more were made. While it’s classically simple, it’s going to bring more to your music or your mix, than any other equaliser.

The BB N105 Channel Strip picked up curious ears across the audio community when it was released and it did not disappoint. Most of the musical world pine to record at such a world-class facility as Blackbird Studios, so when KIT Plugins modelled a channel strip from the infamous one-of-a-kind Neve 8078 console, people were excited, and the reviews were nothing short of amazing.

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With these two emulations, you can not only travel back in time to Motown, but you can also impart a sound from arguably the world’s best studio, Blackbird Studio. We recently spent some time using these two faithful recreations in the Happy Studio for one of our Engineering the Sound videos, you can watch that here — KIT Plugins Blackbird Products | Full Demo and Review.

How can you win the Blackbird Products?

To enter, email [email protected] with ‘Blackbird Products’ in the subject line. A winner will be randomly drawn and contacted on November 7th!

To check out the Blackbird Products, head over to the KIT Plugins website.