Immerse yourself in the cultural melting pot of Klara Zubonja’s Eye To Eye

The sounds of Melbourne’s Klara Zubonja are distinctly her own. Her graceful approach to otherworldly alt-pop stems from a melting pot of influences; the traditional sounds of European folk are mixed with underlying hints of experimental soul, jazz and modern psych.

After listening to her latest EP Eye To Eye, it’s easy to see why Klara Zubonja is the name on everyone’s lips.

Klara Zubonja blends traditional European folk and experimental soul with hints of jazz and psych to create an alt-pop sound that you simply must hear.

Moving to the Victorian capital to study a degree in music was a turning point in Zubonja’s career. It was then that she became absorbed in the local music scene, finding success on both community and national radio in between playing shows and writing new songs. Her debut EP Stuck Between saw Zubonja attract a cult following; her background in traditional Croatian singing and dancing combined with her erudition of contemporary musical traditions gives the artist an edge that’s undeniably unique to herself.

Eye To Eye is Zubonja’s first release since her Stuck Between EP came out in 2016. The last two years have seen the musician hone her sound; Eye To Eye proving that her ascent to the top is only just beginning.

The album is introspective and idiosyncratic; Zubonja details the difficulties of meeting oneself eye-to-eye and learning to let go and have fun. The single The Winds Of Life epitomises the album completely, exploring the dichotomies of individuals (both their lighter and darker sides) through various tempo and time signature changes.

“It’s about having the courage to face yourself, gently, and learn to flow, despite it all. Remembering that it’s okay to have darker days and darker aspects of yourself, and accepting that in yourself. It’s all part of the bigger plan, if only you trust within it.” 

The Winds Of Life was recorded, mixed and mastered at Judd St M&M studio, operated by her bandmate and producer Henry Barratt. Klara’s onstage performance is multi-layered; with her full band in tow, Zubonja rises above her counterparts with intelligent, emphatic and exciting alt-pop that transcends time and place.


Klara Zubonja’s Eye To Eye EP is out now.