Kris Bourne prepares for war on new single ‘Here no more’

LA artist Kris Bourne unveils a new shade of introspection in his latest single, “Here No More,” as he fearlessly tackles life’s hardships with masterful clarity.

Last month, fans were treated to clever wordplay and bombastic trap in the form of Kris Bourne’s Flatline. Littered with braggadocio and clapbacks to his detractors, the April single was a sonic flex for the Los Angeles hip-hop artist, but his latest effort offers a promising new direction.

 ‘Here no more’, the latest single from the eclectic rapper, dials down the intensity with masterful clarity, painting a new shade of Kris Bourne that’s equally captivating.

Kris Bourne 'Here no more' single

Here no more opens with the distorted sound of a record dialling up, setting the stage for what is perhaps Bourne’s most melodic performance to date. Atop regal backing strings, the musician leans more toward sung harmonies than flat-out rap, flexing a new muscle in his musical arsenal. “Please let us prepare for war,” Bourne sings as the climactic production ascends around him. “Time to remember what you came for.” 

Later, Bourne croons alongside whispery female vocals, which recall Dido’s infectious refrain on Eminem’s Stan. The gradual build of the first verse reflects the track’s lyrics, which see Bourne assert his place in the spotlight with intimate penmanship. “I knew I belonged on the stage,” he muses, “feeling the gaze of the crowd.” Clapping percussion makes way for Here no more’s triumphant chorus, which features catchy trap beats and 808 rhythms. 

Bourne’s flair for distorted vocals remain the track’s major drawcard, vacillating from high-pitched backing harmonies to grungy vocal fries. Equal parts brooding R&B, searing rap and radio-ready hip-hop, Here no more carves a new lane for Bourne without losing sight of his signature sound.        

Kris Bourne single 'Flatline'

Here no more is the vocal presentation of facing [life’s] hardships head on,” Bourne said in a press statement. “Honing one’s skills, and mustering up the boldness to not give up, to give ‘em hell until the very end. Fighting until I take my last breath, because of how bad I want my dreams to be my reality.” 

Bourne’s inspirational sentiment is evidence of an admirable commitment to his craft, and declaration “to fight through the pain, fight through the struggle [and] fight through the heartache.”  

Here no more follows Flatline as the second single to be released by Bourne this year. Here no more is accompanied by an official live performance video, which incorporates artificial intelligence to create entrancing visuals of the singer. Scroll up to watch the live performance, and head here to listen to Bourne’s new single Here no more.