Kurt Cobain's iconic Reading Festival hospital gown has gone up for auction

Kurt Cobain’s iconic Reading Festival hospital gown has gone up for auction

Ever wanted to own a piece of history? Well now you can, for the low low price of approximately US$50,000…

Kurt cobain hospital gown reading 1992 auction
Photo: Charles Peterson

Why eat this decade when you could buy Kurt Cobain’s iconic hospital gown for $50,000 at auction next week?

It’s 1992. Rumours have been floating around about Kurt Cobain’s drug and alcohol abuse for a while now, but they can’t be true, surely! Nek minnit, he’s pushed on stage in a wheelchair donned in a hospital gown and shaggy blonde wig… After feigning collapses, Cobain goes on to join Nirvana in giving one of the most iconic performances in the history of Reading Festival.

After his untimely death in 1994, his widow Courtney Love handed out some of his possessions to fans in what was described as a sad and weird incident. Now the fan who hit the jackpot of the hospital gown is putting it up for auction!

The auction is set to take place on March 14th through Boston company RR auctions, and the item is expected to fetch upwards of US$50 000. It seems Nirvana auctions are becoming a thing

If you’ve got a spare 100k floating around and a die-hard obsession with Nirvana, go check this one out! For the rest of us, let’s just agree that it’s pretty cool but we could get a lifetime supply of coffee for that…