River Hounds show us that rock n roll at Abbey Road is still kicking

Meet River Hounds: a modern rock n’ roll band with just the right twist of Oasis and Led Zeppelin making classic oh so classy.

River Hounds abbey road studios live
Photo: River Hounds via Facebook

UK-based modern rock n’ roll group River Hounds are a live force to be reckoned with, and we’re so excited to show you why!

River Hounds know their strengths – having developed a reputation for an incredible live show, the band have been steadily releasing their live performances on YouTube, Spotify and VEVO since 2017.

The latest from the band comes from none other than the iconic Abbey Road Studios and gives you a peek inside the famous studio 2. She is the first super slick live video to come from the series, with two more to follow on March 11 and 14.

She brings us a tasty three minutes of energy and uplifting rock n’ roll with booming drums, wandering bass lines and driving riffs that hook you in right from the get-go. Frontman Rich’s vocals are so full of character and really add to the overall sound. The songwriting in this track is exemplary.

The video itself is pristine quality making use of multiple engaging angles that really captures the performers’ enthusiasm and stage presence and showcasing the live performance in all its glory.

With super slick visuals and a tight live performance, we’re all about this band and can’t wait to see them live in Australia!

Check out the first instalment of their Live at Abbey Road Studios session below.